Hi, I'm Beka Blizzard. I'm a digital media guru, design expert, and marketing professional. For over 15 years I've been working with small and locally owned businesses, with their brand identity, advertising, SEO, website development, and content creation. 
My strengths lie in problem-solving, project management, design, and consulting. A few things I'm actively working on is public speaking and delegating tasks.
As a disabled and queer person, I work best in a flexible and progressive environment. I prefer working remotely and have been for years. I've always been self motivated and productive, and find it easy to coordinate with co-works online.
Skill Sets
Marketing & Branding
Editorial Design & Layout
Team Building & Management
SEO & Social Media
Video Production
Project Management and Training
Champlain College, 2003 - 2005
Burlington, VT
Multimedia and Graphic Design,
Associates of Science
Magna Cum Laude
North Shore Community College, 2013, Danvers, MA
Wellness and Healing Arts Program
Dharma Coach Yoga Teacher Training, 2015, Salem, MA
School of Experience, 2004 - Present 

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